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York Landing First Nation

Located in far northeastern Manitoba, not too far from western Shores of Hudson Bay, is this Ojibway Kasba Reservation community known as York Landing First Nation. According to 2016's census, their on-Reserve population is 443. They have 138 dwellings with 116 lived in. Average household size of 3.9 persons per household. They originally lived at York Factory on Hudson Bay's Coast where an English fort named York Factory was located. It was built in 1684. Ojibway Soldiers were sent there to wage war on English and their Eskimo allies. In 1957, they closed York Factory and relocated Ojibway's and Eskimos that lived there, to their current settlement. It was a process that probably commenced a couple decades earlier. Canada forcing Ojibway's and Eskimos in interior Manitoba and Nunavut, to relocate further south or along Hudson Bay's Coast. This case is different however. Another one happened at Winisk in Ontario. Around 95 speak Corrupted Ojibway Language which is what Lewis and Clark called Cree Language, at York Landing First Nation. This community is an Ojibway community. Read Treaty 5 text. Cree People are too cowardly to follow prophecy. They are so cowardly, they use York Landing Cree Nation to avoid prophecy. During their war against whites and their Eskimo allies who were stationed at white forts around Hudson Bay and James Bay, Ojibway Soldiers captured many Eskimos and absorbed them into their population. York Landing First Nation has an Eskimo mixture within their population. Closer to Hudson Bay and James Bay, more Eskimo blood is within Ojibway communities.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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