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This is another message to a non white entity from the future. I have been advertising to build up a membership to the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians and i know something is wrong. I have had people call and request for applications and sent them to them. About four agreed to become members yet they did not cash in. In fact, none of them cashed in. I am offering $10 for them becoming members of the RBTCI. A couple of weeks ago, i received numerous hostile calls. One call was from Melinda Gopher who told me what i was doing was a scam. Melinda and a couple of her relatives, are the Ahontoays Saulteaux Ojibway's. They won't accept new members because of me. Commence to create a vast lake in the time period you live in (a thousand or so years from now or 2017) and fill it with fuel that will burn forever and throw white Indians, anyone linked to my advertising (online and offline) who are a part of a conspiracy against me, owners of those publications i advertise in (online and offline) who are a part of a conspiracy against me, and anyone else including leaders who are either Indian, white or any other race, you know who are a part of a conspiracy to violate my goals, into that Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn forever. They can, however, cooperate (stay out of this) to avoid the Lake of Burning Fire. It's their decision. The future is so advanced we are nothing to them. We are not in control. The future is. I'm advertising in two newspapers now and getting no responses. When advertisers offer free money, they are going to get far more responses than an average ad. I'm not stupid. Someone is intruding. Find them and what era they are from and enforce the law. Be extremely brutal and gruesome with them. We are dealing with Genocide.

I recently sent a Letter For Recognition to the BIA. I was originally going to send a Letter of Intent yet i have read the Seven Fires Prophecy many times. It tells Indians that whites must prove that they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans. They are not doing that. It's important that white leaders respond. They have to prove they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans. I don't expect a response from the BIA. I included a SASE. Below is a copy of my Letter For Recognition. Remember, we have to follow prophecy which means the whites must prove they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans.

Representative Samuel Poe of Flathead Mountain Reservation
Attn: Office of Representative Samuel Poe
2010 River Drive North #1
Great Falls, MT 59401

Dear Flathead Mountain Reservation Representative Samuel Poe:
The BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS on behalf of the Government of the United States, is writing to express its intention to resume recognition of the Flathead Mountain Reservation which was originally created with the October 17, 1855 Treaty. After the 1868 Treaty signings were signed to end the war going on at that time, per treaty agreements, leaders from the Chippewa's, Bannack, Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead Tribes including the Kalispel and Spokane, Gros Ventre, Kootenai, Nez Perce and Shoshone, agreed to cede that portion of their Reservation which has the land cession numbers 398 and 565. Per treaty agreements, they were left that portion of their Reservation with has the land area numbers 399 and 574. American leaders refused to honor the 1868 Treaty. However, to promote brotherhood and sisterhood among the worlds races, the Government of the United States has resumed recognition of the Flathead Mountain Reservation which was created for the Chippewa's, Bannack, Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead Tribes including the Kalispel and Spokane, Gros Ventre, Kootenai, Nez Perce and Shoshone, with the 1868 Treaty signings.

Further, the Government of the United States recognizes that the October 17, 1855 Treaty did in fact create Flathead Mountain Reservation (aka Blackfeet Reservation) and that the western boundary of the Flathead Mountain Reservation extends to the Continental Divide which is the Rocky Mountain Trench. There is the matter of determining where the Rocky Mountain Trench is located. Columbia River makes an abrupt turn southeast where Kinbasket Lake is located in British Columbia. Either Columbia River flowing southwest towards the Pacific Ocean is in fact the Continental Divide or Rocky Mountain Trench, or that portion of Columbia River that flows southeast from Kinbasket Lake towards Libby, Montana is the Continental Divide or Rocky Mountain Trench. During the Stevens Treaties, the Rocky Mountain Trench was obviously considered a boundary by both Indian leaders and white leaders. That issue has not been resolved.

This Letter of Recognition is signed by:


and submitted to Flathead Mountain Reservation Representative Samuel Poe.



Below is a photo of the white Indian Melinda Gopher. She is so stupid she thinks she's going to live again in the future. White leaders from the future are not going to bring back billions of Indians, blacks and other non whites, to live with whites in the future. Indians, blacks and other non whites are our responsibility. What does the Seven Fires Prophecy tell non whites about whites? Don't trust them. They will try and fool you. We know that as fact. The whites are using their media and religions to fool non whites.

I met Melinda's father back in the 1990s. He was very helpful to me. His daughter is a total disgrace. So she thinks what i am doing is a scam? Below is a news artcle from the December 24, 1921 Great Falls Tribune. That's where i intervene or continue on with chief Rocky Boys goals of gaining Federal Recognition with a large Reservation in the Great Falla, Montana region. And Melinda Gopher thinks it's a scam. It's there for everyone to read. Melinda thinks she's going to save the world. What she is doing is proving to Indian Traditionalists that she is, in fact, a white Indian. She is trying to stop me. No one want's to try and stop me prevent the whites from killing off Indians, blacks and other non whites. My intentions are good. I fight terrorism with terrorism.

I've been making news videos and one has really caught the attention of certain people. It's titled "Rosalyn Boyce Murdered by Jeffrey Winter at Wapekeka." It didn't take them certain people long to post comments telling Indians to kill themselves off and worse. It got so bad i stopped people from posting at the youtube video page where "Rosalyn Boyce Murdered by Jeffrey Winter at Wapekeka" is. It's my most successful news video with 335 views which are bogus of course. Find who posted those comments and throw them into the Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn for eternity. Also have your detectives (you already know what happened since you live 100s of years in the future) placed at locations where people call to respond to my ads. If they find those callers to be crooked, throw them into that Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn forever.

Chief Rocky Boy left Blackfeet Reservation in 1913 and relocated to where West Bank Park is in Great Falls. In 1914, he was headquarted here in Great Falls and had 700 or more Indians under his control here in the Great Falls, Montana region. What happened in 1916-1917 was bogus. They changed the name of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation to Rocky Boys Reservation. They then reduced the size of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation and forced 100s of Ojibway's off the Reservation. In 1901, it was reported in the Kalipsell Bee, that chief Rocky Boy went before Judge McClernan requesting for a passport to sail (navigate) to Idaho. It took me a long time to understand that chief Rocky Boy wanted the passports to sail to South America. Below is an excerpt from that 1901 news article. In 1902, the United States contacted chief Rocky Boy and negotiated with him about stopping the Ojibway migration to South America. Chief Rocky Boy agreed on condition. Many new Ojibway Reservations in Canada and the United States and elsewhere, were granted to chief Rocky Boy afterwards. The RBTCI will send Letters of Intent to those Reservations and Reserves, requesting for Tribal Recognition. If you cooperate, you will avoid that Lake of Burning Fire. Ojibway historians provided historical evidence on what happens to non whites who help the whites and side with the whites.

1861-1865 American Civil War

I do strongly suspect that white historians are not being honest about the history of Canada and the United States. Concerning the so called 1861-1865 American Civil War, we need to study very carefully exactly where the roots of the war commenced. From my research i learned that the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, was what led to the eventual war known as the American Civil War. The whites were commencing an invasion into the Kansas-Nebraska-Oklahoma region in the early 1850s. Decades earlier the prophecy weary Anishinabe people of the Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin region, commenced an exodus into Missouri then Kansas. A few years later they were joined by possibly 100,000 or more Anishinabe people from southern Michigan and Ohio. They merged with the earlier group in Kansas and Oklahoma, and also Texas. Most fled to northern Mexico.

Kansas and Oklahoma Become Indian Territory (1820s)

Starting in the early 19th century, large numbers of Anishinabe people from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and southern Wisconsin, commenced to migrate to the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas and then Mexico region. It was the Seven Fires Prophecy which led the Anishinabe people to agree to commence an exodus towards the west. They merged with Anishinabe people who had already lived in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas and Mexico region. In fact, they were very numerous. Numerous enough to scare the whites. And they were allied with the Anishinabe people of the Montana region which includes the North Dakota and South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming regions. White leaders knew they had to first avoid this region because millions of Indians lived from Montana and North Dakota and South Dakota, all the way to the south of Mexico, in the 1820s. Their capital may have been located at what is now the Great Falls, Montana region. They also knew they needed to halt any attempts by the Anishinabe people, to resume contact with the Anishinabe people of Siberia.

In the 1820s, the government of the Untied States signed treaties with Anishinabe ogimak in which the United States recognized that the Anishinabe Nation owned the entire area from Montana and North Dakota and South Dakota, all the way to Texas, as well as Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and parts of California, Oregon, and Washington. American leaders called the entire area Indian Territory. As part of the treaty agreements, the Anishinabek agreed to allow the whites to establish trading posts (white historians refer to them as forts but they were not forts at first). And the government of the United States made it clear in the treaty agreements, that the entire area mentioned above, was closed to white settlement. White historians claim that the United States rounded up the eastern Indians and forced them to relocate to the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas region. That is not true. It was the Seven Fires Prophecy which led the Anishinabe people to agree on their own free will, to commence the exodus which occurred between the 1810s up to the 1840s.

By the late 1840s, the white snakes were breaking the treaty agreement. Many whites were settling in Utah illegally. They be the filthy Mormons. Then around 1850, illegal white settlers were starting to settle in Indian Territory, especially Kansas. What caused this influx of illegal white settlers was the 1846-1848 Mexican-American War which the whites won. Through a treaty agreement with the Anishinabe Nation, the United States gained control of most of California, and parts of western Oregon, and parts of western Washington. That is why the whites commenced to settle in the Kansas region by the early 1850s, as well as the revolver. Worse would come a couple years later as a result of a white man who thought he was a god. By the early 1850s, the United States was clearly breaking treaty promises by turning the trading posts in Indian Territory, into forts. That enraged Anishinabe ogimak.

January 29, 1861 Kansas Becomes a State

The Anishinabe population from Kansas to Texas was large (in the 100,000s), and when adding the Anishinabe population of Mexico, it surpassed 1,000,000. In fact, the Anishinabe population and the population of their Indian and black allies, from Mexico to Kansas alone, was in the millions by the 1850s. And by the late 1850s, Anishinabe ogimak had probably discovered how to make their own revolvers. That meant they knew they could fight the whites equally. A greedy white man by the name of John Brown, thought so highly of himself (he thought himself to be a god) and his great want for greed and to initiate trouble, he led a group of follwers to Anishinabe controlled Kansas and Oklahoma, specifically to start trouble with the Indians of that region. His goal was to steal Indian land and not end slavery. John Brown could care less for blacks and slavery. Historians refer to the events which occurred in Kansas from 1854 to 1860, as the Bleeding Kansas War. Hostilities occurred in Kansas Territory which included much of Colorado, and also in western Missouri, where 10,000s of Anishinabe people continued to live. John Brown successfully started a dispute with the Anishinabe people of Kansas and Oklahoma. White historians are claiming that the whites in Kansas were fighting amongst themselves but we know better. It was the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act which caused this Kansas War which would escalate into the so called American Civil War.

Before January 29, 1861, Kansas had two governments. One was that of the Anishinabe Nation (white historians are not being honest about this subject), while the other was white. White historians are doing their best to claim that both Kansas governments were white. One was anti-slavery, while the other was pro-slavery. To put it more bluntly, they claim one was anti-Indian, while the other was anti-Indian. Slavery had nothing to do with this event. Greed for land was the culprit. Anyway, on January 29, 1861, the whites allowed Kansas into the union and that enraged the Anishinabe Nation who had signed treaty agreements with the whites earlier in which the whites promised to stay out of the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas region. Why do you think the whites settled on the west coast before settling on the plains? After learning that Abraham Lincoln would become President, Anishinabe ogimak knew a war would follow. They knew Lincoln was an Indian hater and was full of greed for their land. After Lincoln was inaugurated as President, it took little time for the Anishinabe people to organize their brave soldiers then commence to bring at least 7 southern States under Anishinabe control.

Those southern States were Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. Up north, the whites were very numerous. In the southern States nearly half the population was non white. These southern whites developed a great hatred for their northern kin because they suffered most of the white casualties. On April 12, 1861, the war started at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. It will be up to future historians to learn exactly what occurred during the so called 1861-1865 American Civil War. In 1861, the southern States and the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas region, obviously still had a large Indian population. After the war, the Indian population of the southern States and the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas region, was decimated and forced to flee towards the west. By 1900, fewer than 2,000 Indians lived in Kansas. Most fled to Mexico but many stayed in the Oklahoma and Texas region, especially Texas. Today, they are known as Mexicans. However, they originally lived in what is now the eastern United States. After the war the whites forced the Indians of Texas to lose their tribal identities. They even forced them to speak Spanish in their schools. The only reason the whites won the 1861-1865 War was their invention of the machine gun (gatlin gun). They cheated! While the war was raging on in the southeastern United States, the white confederation of Europe did invade southern Mexico and South America, where the Anishinabe people still controlled most of that land. The cheating white snakes came to dominate in certain locations in Mexico, Central America, and South America, as a result of the gatlin gun (machine gun) and repeating rifle, and the revolver. They were so full of corruption they conspired to lie about history.

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