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The 1868-1898 War

They had been expecting their white enemies to once again initiate more trouble with them. And Anishinabe ogimak knew by probably 1875, that the whites were building up their military strength in order to invade the Montana region. Though white historians claim that the 1876-1877 Black Hills War was not related to the 1877 Nez Perce War, they are wrong. Both conflicts are not only the same war but the Northern Cheyenne Exodus, the Bannock-Paiute War, and the Sheepeater War must be included as well. American war plans first called for an invasion into southeastern Montana, by way of the Black Hills. Next, it was to attack Anishinabe villages in northern Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming, then launch attacks on Anishinabe villages in the rest of Montana. Those Anishinabe villages which agreed to surrender peacefully to the United States, were left alone. The major battle in the war was the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

However, there may be an American conspiracy or cover-up, of the so called Marias River Massacre which, according to white historians, occurred on January 23, 1870. I suspect the American military winter campaign of 1876-1877, was really when the Marias River Massacre occurred. After the end of the Battle of Bear Paw, 10,000s of Anishinabe people fled from their homes in the Montana region, up to Canada. Below is a list of the battles mainly from the 1868-1879 time period for control of the Montana region, and the battles that followed. Wars which occurred in the Montana region include the Modoc War, Black Hills War, Nez Perce War, Bannock-Paiute War, Northern Cheyenne Exodus, Sheepeater War, and the Ute War. The other two wars were primarily fought by the Anishinabe military in the south, to force their way into northern Mexico. The Wars include the following:

1868-1874 Comanche War
1871-1872 Modoc War
1876-1877 Black Hills War
1877 Nez Perce War
1878 Bannock-Paiute War
1878 Northern Cheyenne Exodus
1879 Sheepeater War
1879 Ute War
1880-1886 Apache War

Battle of Beecher Island

Washita River Massacre

Battle of Summit Springs

July 12, 1870 Battle of Little Wichita

Camp Grant Massacre

1872 Battle in Montana

Battle of Lost River

Jump Off Joe Massacre

Battle of Salt River Canyon

First Battle of the Stronghold

Turret Peak Massacre

Second Battle of the Stronghold

Battle of Sand Butte

Battle of Dry Lake

Nacimiento Massacre

Second Battle of Adobe Walls

Battle of Palo Duro Canyon

Battle of Powder River

Battle of the Rosebud

Custers Last Stand

Battle of Slim Buttes

Battle of Cedar Creek

Battle of Bates Creek

Battle of Wolf Mountain

Marias River Massacre

Battle of White Bird Canyon

Battle of the Clearwater

Battle of Big Hole

Battle of Camas Creek

Battle of Canyon Creek

Battle of Bear Paw

June 8, 1878 Battle of South Mountain

June 28, 1878 Battle of Silver River

July 8, 1878 Battle of Birch Creek

July 21, 1878 Battle of Clearwater River

September 4-5 Battle of Clark's Fork

September 12, 1878 Battle of Jackson Hole

September 13-14, 1878 Turkey Creek Fight

Battle of Punished Woman Creek

September 30 - October 3, 1878 Assault on the White Settlers

Little Wolf's Diaspora

April 17, 1879 Battle of Careless Creek

July 17, 1879 Battle of Milk River

August 1879 Sheepeaters Raids

September 30, 1879 Battle of Milk Creek

September 30, 1879 Meeker Massacre

February 12, 1880 Battle of Pumpkin Creek

Alma Massacre

Battle of Fort Tularosa

January 2, 1881 Battle of Poplar Creek

Battle of Carrizo Canyon

Battle of Cibecue Creek

Battle of Fort Apache

Battle of McMillenville

Crawford Affair

November 5, 1887 Battle at Crow Agency

December 29, 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre

October 5, 1898 Battle of Sugar Point

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