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Recently i started advertising offline to get members for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. That is not going well with white future earthlings. They are resorting to what they did to me in 1983. If they destroy me, it means Genocide. China must invade those non white nations they are in or near. They have to protect all non white nations. Seven Fires Prophecy tells non whites they can't trust whites. That is the truth. We know it is the truth. Follow my offline advertising. I am placing ads in the Glacier Reporter (it's circulation is at Browning and the surrounding region), Cut Bank Pioneer Press, Shelby Promotor and The Valierian. All 4 papers carry the ad. They are owned by the same company. I know something is wrong. Money is involved. Find out if my ad is being placed in the Glacier Reporter. If you find out they are up to no dam good in any way, send your soldiers out to find the culprits including if it applies, the era they are from, and lay complete waste to the family trees of all who are participating in the conspiracy. We are dealing with Genocide. Torture to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable, as many of them as you consider necessary. I don't trust whites. We have been told not to trust whites. I can't tell on my own if they are intruding or if i am dealing with my intended goals. I suspect they will do anything to stop my rise to power. I have not forgotten what they did to me in 1983. I didn't ask for that. I was violated. What they have to do is leave me alone so i can try and get members for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. As soon as i get enough Representatives, a Letter of Intent will be sent to the BIA requesting for Federal recognition. Letters of Intent will also be sent to those Reservations and Reserves in North America, Dominica, Guyana and St. Vincent in the Caribbean, requesting for tribal recognition. Since Indian leaders will not do anything to defend the Indian race from being exterminated, they will suffer the ultimate punishment. Do not let them live again in the future. Let them get a laugh out of that. White leaders don't want anything to do with non whites. White leaders are not going to allow billions of Indians and blacks and other non whites, who lived around the Mediterranean Sea, America's and the Pacific to live again. That is not going to happen. We have to take care of our own dead. The Seven Fires Prophecy tells you Not to Trust whites because they will try and fool you. That will be taken seriously.

The 1910-1912 Chippewa Exodus off the Blackfeet Reservation

To understand the tragic events of 1910-1912, we must do a little research. In 1907 or early 1908, a farmer named D.D. Hull at Flathead Reservation, contacted Senator Dixon about chief Rocky Boys people. What followed was American refusal to honor treaty agreements which, by treaty agreements, set aside a vast Ojibway Reservation known as Flathead Reservaton. Chief Rocky Boy knew American leaders were going to use force to force Ojibway People from Flathead Reservation (where Swan Valley is), to relocate elsewhere. In October of 1908, Swan Valley Massacre happened near Lindbergh Lake or Holland Lake. Afterwards, chief Rocky Boy commenced to gather Ojibway People for forced Deportations. Most were allotted land in Mission Valley. Many were Deported to Canada, Arizona, Florida, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington. Many others were Deported to Blackfeet Reservation in November 1909. In fact, chief Rocky Boy was set aside a new Blackfeet Reservation. We should change Blackfeet Reservations name to Rocky Boys Reservation because it is the real Rocky Boys Reservation. Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation is where the bogus Rocky Boys Reservation is. In 1916, it (Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation) was reduced in size and 100s of Ojibway's were forced off of Reservation rolls and Deported. We possibly know how chief Rocky Boy was set aside his Reservation where Blackfeet Reservation is. Below is an excerpt from the April 10, 1910 Pacific Monthly:

Rocky Boy Indian Reservation Open to

March 1 is the date set for the opening
to settlement of the Rocky Boy Indian
Reservation, of 1,400,000 acres of land, lo-
cated in Valley County, Eastern Montana,
according to announcement. The lands will
be open to settlement at this date, and for
entry at the United States Land Office at
Glasgow on March 31. This plan will do
away with the customary lottery method of
opening to entry the large Indian reserva-
tions, since there is no required registry, or
drawing. The lands will simply be opened
to entry and settlement under the regular
land rules. The tract is reported tributary
to the towns of Culbertson and Bainville on
the Great Northern Railway.

You noticed they wrote Rocky Boy Indian Reservation was to be opened on March 1, 1910. It was not located at or near Fort Peck Reservation. We know 100s of Ojibway's were Deported to Blackfeet Reservation in November of 1909. We also know Blackfeet Reservation covers an area of 1,462,000 acres. In 1910, American leaders broke treaty and illegally took Rocky Boys Reservations extreme western portion where Glacier County's western border is and that portion of his Reservation where Pondera (Ponderay) County's extreme western portion is. They also opened up Rocky Boy's Reservations eastern portion where an abundance of farmland is. That is what caused chief Pennato, who was chief Rocky Boy's brother, to commence an exodus off of Rocky Boy's Reservation in December 1910. It continued up to 1912 when chief Pennato requested from his brother chief Rocky Boy, to find a new Ojibway Reservation at Bears Paw Mountain. Ojibway People may have named Hill 57 Bears Paw Mountain. In 1913, chief Rocky Boy left Blackfeet Reservation and moved to Great Falls where he was set aside a Reservation adjacent to Great Falls north. In 1914, chief Rocky Boy was living at Great Falls and was recognized as leader of 700 Ojibway's at Great Falls.

Chief Pennato supposedly moved to Helena. However, many Ojibways left Blackfeet Reservation for Blood Reserve in southern Alberta. Others migrated southwest to Idaho than Nevada. Many were captured and forced back to Blackfeet Reservation or as it should be known Rocky Boys Reservation. Chief Rocky Boy agreed to lease or cede his Reservations eastern portion. He had no choice because of it's abundance of farmland. However, chief Rocky Boy refused to cede his Reservations western portion or that part of Blackfeet Reservation where Glacier County's western border is and that portion of his Reservation where Pondera (Ponderay) County's extreme western portion is. Even now leaders of Blackfeet Reservation are claiming Badger-Two Medicine area as being a part of Rocky Boys Reservation. Excluding Blackfeet Reservations east portion, it's size is close to 1,500 sq. mi. Unfortunately, Indians at Blackfeet Reservation will not accept being Ojibway. However, several hundred Indians at Blackfeet Reservation are continuing to cling to their Ojibway Nationality. Chief Pennato was not only angry about theft of Reservation land but also about Ojibway children being forced to attend white controlled schools where they were forced to stop speaking Ojibway or were brainwashed. Chief Rocky Boy was also angry about Ojibway children being brainwahed by whites who did not care for them.

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