Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April 28, 1880 Alma Massacre

In 1880, a new war erupted between the Anishinabe people of New Mexico and the United States. Anishinabe soldiers were led by the famous ogima Victorio. It was the Anishinabe soldiers who went on the offensive. Of course, they were commencing new diasporas to the north of Mexico. On April 28, 1880, a force of Anishinabe soldiers led by ogima Victorio, attacked the small white town of Cooney, New Mexico. They killed 3 whites there and pursued 3 others who fled and included one Sergent Cooney, eventually killing them. Afterwards, they went on a killing spree around the immediate Cooney region, killing another 35 whites. Future historians may want to take a longer look at this event to determine if any Anishinabek from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas were involved.

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