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Anishinabe Conquest of Jamaica

While the Anishinabe people were bringing Cuba and other Caribbean Islands under Anishinabe control, did they eventually force their way on to the island of Jamaica. They probably initiated their first military campaigns on Jamaica in the late 18th century. Included among the Anishinabe Army which invaded Jamaica, were their Indian and black allies. Jamaica is one of the larger of the Caribbean Islands. Though the island of Jamaica is not as large as Cuba or Hispaniola, the island was definitely an ideal location to colonize. White historians recorded that several wars occurred in Jamaica. They refer to them as the First Maroon War and the Second Maroon War, the 1831-1832 Baptist War, and the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion. The Maroon people are considered to be of mixed ancestory. That be Indian and black. The First Maroon War occurred in the late 18th century. It was fought by the Anishinabe military to bring Jamaica under Anishinabe control. The war was not a long one but a short war in which the Anishinabe soldiers and their Indian and black allies, quickly conquered the small Caribbean Island. Another war occurred later on known historically as the Second Maroon War. Then the 1831-1832 Baptist War was fought. However, it may have been the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion which brought Jamaica back under white control. Since Jamaica was close to Mexico and Central America, the island was used by the Anishinabe military to send large numbers of Indians and blacks to Mexico, especially the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America.

They were followed by the whites. In Central America and Mexico, the blacks are known as the Garifuna. They speak an Indian language, especially in Guatamala, which indicates they were once subjugated by the Anishinabe Nation. In Mexico, they live along a stretch of the western Mexican Coast known as the Costa Chica and also in Vera Cruz, and they probably number over 1 million. In the rest of Central America including Belize, they probably number near 1.5 million. The whites have forced the Indians who once lived along the eastern coast of North America, to lose their nationalities in Central America and Mexico. When they are counted during census time, they are ignored. In Mexico during each census, they classify Indians as being an Indian who speaks an Indian language who are above the age of 5. That means the true Indian population of Central America and Mexico, is much higher than the whites claim. And the whites claim that Central America, Mexico, and South America is populated by mixed bloods. You only need to read the Story of Atlantis to understand that the whites are not being honest about Indian populations and the true origin of human evolution.

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