Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Augustin de la Balme’s Defeat November 5, 1780

A mixed force of English and French soldiers under the command of Augustin de la Balme, planned to invade the Fort Detroit region in late 1780 but met with failure. This military expedition was a part of the English military campaign to wage war on the Anishinabek in the Ohio region, which had been going on for over one year. Instead of reaching Fort Detroit, the small force of English and French soldiers were annihilated near what is now Fort Wayne, Indiana. White casualties may have been close to 40 killed. Knowing that they now were winning the war, white leaders were now sending out more white soldiers into Anishinabe land to battle them. White leaders utilized both the Mississippi River and the east coast, to send their soldiers into Anishinabe domain.

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