Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle for Monterrey, California

Early on, American leaders targeted California in the so called Mexican-American War. In 1846, California was already being settled by Anglo whites. Anishinabe soldiers were already fighting the whites in southern California and possibly the Chinese who had lived in California for nearly 500 years by 1846, years before the Mexican-American War commenced. Anishinabe soldiers from the Nevada-Utah region, were launching raids into southern California, as early as the 1830s, and possibly during the mid and latter part of the 18th century. And northern California already had an Anishinabe population which had lived there for at least 900 years. A force of 350 American marines and sailors, landed near what is now Monterrey, California and were handed the settlement by the Californios (Spanish whites born in California or Mexico) without any fighting occurring. The 350 white marines and sailors were led by John Sloat. It took several warships to bring the 350 American soldiers to the Monterrey, California region. Very little fighting occurred in the Monterrey and San Francisco region. The other battle which occurred in the Monterrey-San Francisco region was the November 16, 1846 Battle of Natividad. It was won by the whites. White casualties were 4 killed and an unknown number wounded. I am not certain if any Anishinabe soldiers fought in these battles. Reason being, its location was much further south from their northern California homes. Indian or Chinese casualties were 5 wounded. It may have been the Chinese who fought this battle. I'm not certain so i included the Chinese because the Monterrey-San Francisco region, probably had the highest concentration of Chinese people then.

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