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September 14, 1847 - October 12, 1847 Battle for Puebla

One of the more important Mexican cities in the interior of southern Mexico is Puebla. After the white invaders captured Mexico City they controlled all of southern Mexico, including Puebla which they captured around the same time as they captured Mexico City. Though the brave Anishinabe soldiers had been driven out of Mexico City, at least a few thousand were still agreeing to continue the war, especially near Puebla which has a large Aztec population around that area.

September 14, 1847 - October 12, 1847 Siege of Puebla

On September 14, 1847, a force of over 4,000 brave Anishinabe soldiers battled back into the city of Puebla, in an attempt to recapture the city being held by the white invaders. In Puebla, over 500 American soldiers were holding the city under their control. They had little to worry about because they knew they held an advantage over the brave Anishinabe soldiers, many of whom were using bows and arrows, spears, and what few one shot musket guns and cannons they had. For almost one month the brave Anishinabe soldiers repeatedly attacked the city of Puebla in the hopes of driving the white invaders out. It was for not however. White casualties in this long siege were 78 killed and wounded. Anishinabe casualties are unknown.

October 9, 1847 Battle of Huamantla

By early October of 1847, the 500 white soldiers holding Puebla in a siege were reinforced with an additional 2,500 soldiers. It brought their total number of soldiers to over 3,000. Over 2,000 brave Anishinabe soldiers were still battling the white invaders towards the end of this Siege of Puebla. Anishinabe soldiers were armed primarily with spears and bows and arrows, by the time of this battle. As would be expected in uneven battles such as this one, the white invaders easily won this battle which brought the Siege of Puebla to an end. Anishinabe casualties were heavy. They endurred 461 killed and wounded. White casualties were 24 killed and wounded. This battle may have ended the Siege of Puebla, but the brave Anishinabe soldiers commenced to waging a guerilla war against the white invaders after the Siege of Puebla officially ended on October 12, 1847.

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