October 24, 1846 - June 16, 1847 Battle for Tabasco

These two battles fought in the Mexican State of Tabasco, were a part of the American plan to capture all Mexican ports on the Gulf of Mexico. On October 24, 1846, the white invaders advanced to the Mexican town of Frontera and captured the settlement without any fighting, as well as several saling vessels. They then sailed up to San Juan Bautista and captured that town and several more sailing vessels. The Spanish whites born in Mexico allowed the white invaders to take the settlements without any fighting. However, that changed quickly.

Octover 24-26 1st Battle of Tabasco

On October 24, 1846, the white invaders easily sailed up to the Mexican town of Frontera, Tabasco, and were allowed to take the town by the Spanish whites born in Mexico. After being handed the town of Frontera and a couple of the sailing vessels there, the American naval force led by Commodore Matthew C. Perry, commenced to sail up to the Mexican town of San Juan Bautista, where an Anishinabe Army was stationed. Supposedly the Anishinabe soldiers fled the town of San Juan Bautista but most likely the town was not guarded. What really happened after the white invaders sailed to San Juan Bautista, was an eventually Anishinabe Army advance on to the town of San Juan Bautista, to attempt to recapture San Juan Bautista and Frontera, from the white invaders. The Spanish whites born in Mexico pleaded with the white invaders to peacefully leave the town of San Juan Bautista which they agreed to do. Very few casualties occurred in the battle. Anishinabe casualties were 5 killed and wounded. American casualties were 4 killed and 2 wounded. It was one of the few Anishinabe victories in this war.

June 15-16, 1847 2nd Battle of Tabasco

In mid 1847, the white invaders once again tried to bring the Mexican State of Tabasco under their control. A force of 173 American marines and sailors landed just north of Villahermosa, Tabasco, then commenced to prepare to battle a force of 600 brave Anishinabe soldiers who were instructed to attempt to stop the white invaders from bringing the region under their control. A battle for control of that region, was fought over a two day period starting on June 15, 1847. The Americans easily won the battle and brought the ports in that region under white control. Anishinabe casualties were 30 killed and wounded. White casualties were 6 wounded and 3 missing.