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The June 20, 1813 Battle of Alazan Creek

After defeating the Anglo-Americans and Spanish whites at the Battle of Rosillo Creek and capturing San Antonio, Anishinabe soldiers continued the war to bring the rest of Mexico (they already had brought Mexico south of Texas under their control) under Anishinabe control. The Battle of Alazan Creek was fought in what is now Bexar County, Texas. The location of the battle was a little west of San Antonio, Texas. On June 20, 1813, a force of Anglo-Americans and Spanish whites numbering over 1,000 soldiers (at least 800 were Anglo-Americans), and their women and children, were camped on the outskirts of San Antonio. They were eventually attacked by a much larger Anishinabe force which resulted in a 2 hour long battle. The whites tried very valiantly to defend themselves but were defeated. The most important white city in Texas was now entirely in the hands of the Anishinabe Army, as was almost the remainder of northern Mexico.

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