Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The July 15-16, 1862 Battle of Apache Pass

It is what you might want to refer to as a joke. Supposedly a force of Union soldiers were given instructions to invade Arizona from California, to attempt to capture Arizona from the Confederates. The California Column was supposed to have reached Confederate held Tucson on May 20, 1862, and drove the Confederates out of Tucson. After supposedly capturing Tucson, the Union soldiers next wanted to enter New Mexico by way of Apache Pass. They commenced their march to New Mexico and by July 15, 1862 they had entered Apache Pass. Soon after the supposed Union soldiers who numbered 138, had ventured well into Apache Pass, Anishinabe soldiers numbering some 500 strong according to historians, launched an ambush. At first the Anishinabe soldiers did fairly well but the supposed Union soldiers brought out the two 12 pound howitzers and possibly machine guns, they brought with them, and that quickly ended the battle. Anishinabe soldiers endurred heavy casualties. Historians claim the Anishinabe soldiers endurred 66 killed and an unknown number wounded. That is a reliable estimate because the whites probably had the machine gun by then, and also the howitzers. White casualties were only 2 killed and 3 wounded. This battle has the machine gun emanating from it.

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