November 14, 1813 Battle of Ayohuma

This battle is another battle considered by white historians to have been a part of the Alto Peru Campaigns, or the Argentine War of Independence, but was really a battle between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. After the brave Anishinabe soldiers lost the battle at Vilcapugio, they retreated to Macha where they established a temporary headquarter for their army. Anishinabe soldiers numbered more than 1,400 in this battle against the soldiers from the white confederation led by England. The white army commenced the battle by launching an artillery assault which lasted over half an hour. Though they were being shelled constantly by the white army, Anishinabe commanders ordered their brave soldiers to advance to the white army attacking them. It was a disasterous move on their part which led to them losing the battle against the whites. Anishinabe casualties were heavy in the battle. They included 200 killed, 200 wounded, and 500 captured. After this battle the Anishinabe soldiers retreated to tucuman.