Battle of Bandera Pass

White historians claim that the first use of the revolver by the crooked white Texan soldiers, was at the 1841 Battle of Bandera Pass. That is not correct. The whites most likely put the revolver to use in Texas against the Anishinabek, soon after its invention, in 1835. However, by 1841, the whites certainly had far more revolvers than they did in 1835. The Battle of Bandera Pass may have been the first battle in which all the white soldiers had revolvers. However, the Battle of San Juacinto and the Battle of the Neches, can't be excluded. Some 50 white soldiers under the command of Captain Hays, commenced to enter Bandera Pass which is located a little to the west of San Antonio, which at the time was under Anishinabe control. After they commenced to enter the pass, they learned that very near them was a very large Anishinabe military force. In all likelihood, the 50 white soldiers under the command of Captain Jackson, were sent to the location to test just how much damage a small force of soldiers armed with revolvers, could inflict on a larger force.

In the battle that followed, the 51 white soldiers won the battle against the Anishinabe soldiers who they estimate numbered around 200 in the battle. After realizing 51 soldiers who all used revolvers, could continue the fight against another military force reportedly 4 times larger and defeat them, the whites knew they could take the San Antonio region. That is probably what they did after this battle. Anishinabe casualties are unknown but must have been high. White casualties were 5 killed and an unknown number wounded. This battle was the battle that signified the white conquest of the rest of North America would be a quick one. Knowing that they could easily and quickly defeat the brave Anishinabe soldiers in battle, white leaders did not wait very long to invade Mexico. Prophecy was why the whites invaded Mexico in 1846. If the whites had invaded Mexico without the revolver, they would have fought an extremely long war.