Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Barren Hill May 20, 1778

Nearly three weeks after the battle at Crooked Billet, another battle occurred in the Philadelphia region but this time it was a major one. A large white military force of 18,200 soldiers was assembled to head out of Philadelphia to combat a much smaller Anishinabe force which was still waging a war in that region. Upon seeing the large white military force with their numerous cannons with them, the smaller force of brave Anishinabe soldiers were compelled to take flight from the large force of white soldiers. They either retreated away to warn a larger nearby Anishinabe force about the movement and size of the large white military force, or they just fled. Most likely they returned to the larger force of Anishinabe soldiers to notify them about the white military force searching for them. After being told that the white military force was marching up White Marsh Road, the Anishinabek quickly headed for another nearby road to regroup from there, to eventually send out many of their brave soldiers to commence to attack the white military force from behind concealments. It is not known what the casualties were in this battle that was more of a retreat by the Indians, away from the larger white military force. The whites had yet to clear the Philadelphia region of the brave Anishinabe soldiers, and a little over one month later another major battle between the Anishinabek and whites, was fought to the east of Philadelphia.

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