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Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana Needs Your Help

Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana needs funding to establish offices at Blackfeet Reservation, Crow-Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Flathead Reservation, Fort Belknap Reservation and at Great Falls, Montana where Hill 57 Reservation is located. Our goal is to gain Tribal Recognition at Blackfeet Reservation, Crow-Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Flathead Reservation and Fort Belknap Reservation and Federal Recognition for Rocky Boys Tribe of Chippewa Indians at Great Falls with Reservation. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Below is my paypal link where you can donate to this very important cause for survival. If you are interested in becoming a member of Rocky Boys Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana, you can fill out a form here . In comments box, please include your tribal affiliation. In Montana, members of Blackfeet, Crow-Northern Cheyenne, Flathead, Fort Belknap and Rocky Boys Reservation are automatically members of Rocky Boys Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. However, if you are a member from another tribe (Reservation) your application will be approved if you have proof of membership from your tribe (Reservation).

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The Battle of Bennington August 16, 1777

A force of 3,250 white soldiers and their Iroquois allies, battled a military force of brave Anishinabe soldiers near Bennington, Vermont (near Walloomsac which is in New York State and not too far from Bennington, Vermont) on August 16, 1777. Once the battle commenced on August 16, 1777, the English and Germans eventually learned that their Iroquois allies did not have the will to fight against their fellow Anishinabe Native Americans. They soon evacuated the battle to head far away from the coming onslaught against the English and Germans. For quite some time after the battle commenced, the brave Anishinabe soldiers laid a beating on their English and German enemies, until a new relief force of white soldiers arrived (after the Anishinabek had forced the English and Germans to surrender) then resumed the battle against them while they were in the business of probably killing (retaliating against) their white prisoners. Though the new German reinforcements attempted to free their fellow soldiers who had been captured by the brave Anishinabe soldiers, a new large force of Anishinabe soldiers arrived and drove off the new German reinforcements. A total of 977 white casualties occurred at the battle at Bennington, with most being captured then probably killed later on. This battle was fought about 60 miles south of Fort Ticonderoga.

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The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago


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