Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Bound Brook April 13, 1777

By April 1777, warmer weather had returned to the north and so did the battles for control of that part of North America. A large force of English soldiers and their German allies (over 17,000), were stationed at New Brunswick, New Jersey, with intentions of driving the remaining Anishinabe soldiers in the New York City region off. A force of 4,500 white soldiers used a surprise attack on an Anishinabe military force near Bound Brook. From four directions the large white military force surprise attacked the Anishinabek, which resulted in great confusion among the Anishinabe soldiers. In fact, the only thing the Anishinabe soldiers could do was to defend themselves while they retreated away from the surprise attack of their enemies. It was an English victory. White casualties were 111 killed, wounded or captured.

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