August 20, 1877 Battle of Camas Creek

This battle took place just south of Montana's border with Idaho. Supposedly some 35 miles north of Rexburgh, Idaho or 11 miles south of Montana. Battle of Camas Creek was a part of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above. After Battle of Big Hole which was fought on August 9-10, 1877, Ojibway Soldiers were sent out from their villages around Great Falls of Missouri River to wage war against whites. Battle of Camas Creek was possibly a part of an American Siege of Great Falls that commenced on August 9, 1877. A few days after Siege of Great Falls commenced, a force of 250 American Soldiers were attacked by up to 250 Ojibway Soldiers on August 20, 1877. Ojibway Soldiers were also attacking white settlers. After finding their enemies camp, Ojibway Soldiers launched an assault which was ineffective. Among American Soldiers were their Indian allies which enraged Ojibway leaders. They did capture many of their enemies horses and mules however. It was yet dark when Ojibway Soldiers launched their assault which may have hampered their goal. They did inflict a coulple of casualties which were wounds rather than graves. Afterwards, Ojibway Soldiers then made a swift retreat. American leaders quickly organized their soldiers and commenced pursuing those Ojibway Soldiers who had just attacked their camp. They caught up to them by daylight and another battle was fought. Both sides sought concealment during battle and that probably led to few casualties Battle of Camas Creek produced. American casualties were 12, with 2 killed. Ojibway casualties were higher. I'm not certain if this battle was actually fought in Idaho. It was fought a few days after Big Hole Battle.