The Battle of Casas Grandes March 6, 1911

A large group of American soldiers who had just entered Mexico from probably New Mexico or Arizona, battled a large contingent of Anishinabe soldiers near the Mexican City of Casas Grandes, which is in the State of Chihuahua, southwest of Ciudad Juarez. The Anishinabek were defeated. As the war gained momentum, larger numbers of Mexican soldiers were raised up to help the whites fight the Anishinabek. Many Mexicans living in northern Mexico, started to join the Anishinabe Confederation of Mexico. Anishinabe soldiers numbered over 800 in this battle. Their casualties were 58 killed, an unknown number wounded, and 41 captured. American and Mexican soldiers numbered over 1,100 in this battle. Their casualties were 37 killed and 60 wounded. The Americans had forced their way down to the Casas Grandes region by this time.