The March 1859 Battle of Cave Canyon

After the Battle of Beaver Lake, another small American military force numbering some 38 soldiers, under the command of Lieutenant Samuel A. Bishop, left the Los Angelas region, for an area in northern Arizona where Lieutenant Edward Beale and his soldiers, were busy doing their road work, to deliver supplies to them. Anishinabe scouts were patrolling their land and discovered the approaching small American military force of some 38 soldiers and numerous employees of the American Central Overland Mail Company. They notified their ogimak who raised around 1,500 soldiers up to attempt to halt the advance of the small American military force. In this battle of the Mohave War, the commander of the small American military force made the decision to return the supplies back to the Los Angelas region, instead of bringing the supplies to Beale. It was another Anishinabe victory over the Americans. Historians claim that the Anishinabe soldiers endurred 2 casualties, with 1 killed. American casualties must have been high because they once again failed to accomplish their goal.