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December 31, 1812 Battle of Cerrito

It was another battle fought near Montevideo, Uruguay. Of course, the battle was fought for control of the Rio de la Plata. According to historians, Montevideo was laid siege to by Anishinabe soldiers (the Battle of Las Piedras), but by the end of 1811 they lifted the siege. Historians claim they did so because of events occurring in Upper Peru. That be the June 11, 1811 Battle of Huaqui which was won by the whites. Just before this battle was fought, Anishinabe soldiers had routed the white confederation led by England. That occurred at the September 24-25, 1812 Battle of Tucuman. Knowing they had recently laid a beating on the white confederation led by England probably encouraged Anishinabe ogimak to attempt another assault on Montevideo. The new Anishinabe assault on Montevideo commenced in October 1812. Anishinabe soldiers numbered over 1,000 but their numbers increased after freed slaves of the whites joined them. In the major battle fought on December 31, 1812, the soldiers from the white confederation left the safety of their fortified settlement (that be Montevideo) to battle the brave Anishinabe soldiers laying siege to Montevideo. Anishinabe soldiers soundly defeated the soldiers from the white confederation led by England who numbered over 2,300 soldiers during the battle. They forced the white soldiers to retreat back to the fortified settlement of Montevideo for safety. Anishinabe casualties were 90 killed and 40 taken prisoner. White casualties were 100 killed, 146 wounded, and 300 taken prisoner. This battle is considered to have been a part of the Alto Peru Campaigns.

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