The March 30, 1854 Battle of Cieneguilla

A battle which was fought near what is now Pilar, New Mexico, the Battle of Cieneguilla was fought between the so called Jicarilla Apache and the United States. A force of probably near 250 Anishinabe soldiers and their allies, ambushed some 60 American soldiers under the command of First Lieutenant John Wynn Davidson, who did not follow his superior officer's instructions. Anishinabe soldiers were said to have had many a flintlock rifle in use during this battle, as well as their continued use of bows and arrows. The battle commenced early on the morning of the 30th of March 1854, and lasted some four hours according to an American soldier who survived the battle. At the end of the battle, the Americans who survived had no choice but to withdraw from the battle the Anishinabe soldiers won. However, they endurred more casualties than the Americans. Of the 60 American soldiers who fought in the battle, 22 were killed, while 36 were wounded. Thus, the reason they had to withdraw from the battle. Anishinabe casualties were around 50 killed and an unknown number wounded. A rare event Anishinabe soldiers experienced but by then the whites had the revolver.