Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Columbus March 8-9, 1916

On March 8 of 1916, around 500 or more soldiers from the Anishinabe Confederation of northern Mexico, attacked the American town of Columbus, New Mexico. In the small town were around 600 American soldiers. The casualties in the battle were 17 Americans killed. The whites estimate that over 100 soldiers from the Anishinabe Confederation of northern Mexico were killed in the battle. After this battle, the government of the United States announced to the public that they were sending 10,000 American soldiers to northern Mexico. However, there was already large numbers of American soldiers stationed in northern Mexico. They were just reinforced. You'll notice when researching for information about the 10,000 American soldiers sent to northern Mexico in 1916, that little reliable information is available. That is because of a cover-up. Something occurred in which historians are not being honest with.

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