Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Connecticut Farms June 6, 1780

Knowing that there were still a few brave Anishinabe soldiers around the New York City region (they carried out raids on white supply trains and many other warfare tactics), the whites ordered a force of 5,000 white soldiers (English and German) to board several warships at Staten Island, to sail to Elizabeth, New Jersey. Their goal was to protect the whites of the surrounding region from the brave Anishinabe soldiers who were still waging a war on the whites of that region. On June 6, 1780, the 5,000 strong white military force landed at Elizabeth, New Jersey, and prepared for any possible Indian attacks that should come. It did not take long for the brave Anishinabe soldiers to commence to battle the larger and better armed white military force. On their march to Elizabeth, the large white military force was attacked by a force of brave Anishinabe soldiers, who prevented the larger white military force from accomplishing their goal of securing the safety of that region. However, the whites would assemble more soldiers and attempt once again to secure that region, later on that month. White casualties at the battle were 55 killed and wounded.

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