October 27, 1810 Battle of Cotagaita

This battle was fought in what is now the Potosi Department in Bolivia. However, during the time of this battle the region was considered to be a part of the Spanish colony of Argentina. Anishinabe ogimak from the Caribbean and North America, had already resumed contact with the Anishinabe population in South America (the highest concentration lived in the Andes), and were ready by 1810, to fight the whites for control over South America. Portugeese and Spanish settlers, settled in the southern most regions of South America, especially along the coasts. They knew the Indian population in the Andes was especially high and would be difficult to have white settlers force their will in the Andes region. That was also known by Anishinabe ogimak who capitalized on the situation in order to help them topple Portugeese and Spanish controlled South America. Most of the soldiers who fought in the war for control of South America were the Inca Anishinabek.

On October 27, 1810, the Battle of Cotagaita commenced. What we have to first determine, however, is who was who during this battle. One according to historians were royalists, while the other were Revolutionaries. Since it was an obvious Indian uprising we would obviously think that the Revolutionaries were in fact Indian. However, we really don't know for certain just who the Indian Army are and that of the white Army. Anyway, the battle commenced early during the morning hours of October 27, 1810 and lasted until about 2 in the afternoon, when the Revolutionaries ended their attack then left the royalists be in their trenches. After losing the Battle of Cotagaita (they were not capable of forcing the Royalists out of their trenches), the Revolutionaries left for Tupiza then to Suipacha. This battle is considered to have been a part of the 1810-1817 Alto Peru Campaigns. It was really a battle for control of the continent of South America.