Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Crooked Billet May 1, 1778

For almost six weeks no battles were fought in the Philadelphia region after the March 18, 1778 battle at Quinton’s Bridge. That was probably more well accepted to the whites than to the Indians, who already knew they had lost the battle for the Philadelphia region. Knowing that there remained Anishinabe military forces around the Philadelphia region, the whites organized for another foraging expedition on May 1, 1778 to attempt to finally drive off the remaining Anishinabe soldiers still in the Philadelphia region. Early on the morning of May 1, the white military force surprised attacked a group of Anishinabe soldiers who were caught off guard. They could do little to stop the larger white military force which was using their superior weapons. They ended up being driven off after a short while. Many Anishinabe soldiers were likely captured then later killed. White casualties were 41. Any whites captured were likely later killed by the retaliating thinking Anishinabek.

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