February 28, 1813 Battle of Cucuta

While Anishinabe soldiers were laying a beating on the white confederation led by England at the Battle of Salta on February 20, 1813, about one week later, Anishinabe soldiers in northern South America, laid a beating on the white confederation led by England, at the Battle of Cucuta. The Battle of Cucuta commenced early on the morning of February 28, 1813. Anishinabe soldiers numbered over 400, while the white soldiers numbered over 800. The battle was a short one with few casualties but it was the Anishinabe Army which prevailed. Anishinabe casualties were 2 killed and 14 wounded. White casualties were 20 killed and 40 wounded. This battle signaled an Anishinabe conquest over Columbia had occurred. Anishinabe soldiers had been fighting a war against the white invaders in northern South America for quite some time. They laid sieges to important white settlements in the north of South America which were few, and had the military support of the native Indians of northern South America and also from their black allies who some historians refer to as the Maroons. The whites had yet to give up however.