The December 21, 1847 Battle of Dalles

After the invading whites learned about the Whitman Massacre, they prepared for war. On December 8, 1847, they formed a group of 50 volunteers to be sent to the Dalles region to protect the Wascopam Mission, which the Anishinabe soldiers would have destroyed if they had an opportunity to. They knew the white Christians were using plague warfare against them. An act that greatly enraged the Anishinabe people. The 50 volunteers were known as the Oregon Rifles. They bought revolvers at an Hudson Bay post at Fort Vancouver, then they marched to Dalles and got into a minor battle with Anishinabe soldiers who were launching raids on the white farms in the Dalles area. Not much came from this minor battle. However, Anishinabe soldiers stole at least 300 head of cattle from the whites.