Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

July 26, 1863 Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake

After Ojibway Soldiers fled from Battle of Big Mound, American Soldiers did give pursuit but ended it. However, they resumed their pursuit and caught up to Ojibway Soldiers they had fought on July 24-25, on Sunday July 26, 1863. Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake, was actually a part of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above. After American Soldiers caught up to them, Anishinabe soldiers prepared for battle but nothing major occurred. An Anishinabe force of determined soldiers attacked a contingent of American Soldiers but were driven off. They continued their retreat even further westward in North Dakota. American casualties during Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake were 7 killed and 15 wounded. It is not known what Anishinabe casualties were in this battle. Anishinabe military commanders were very determined to defend their land and probably requested for 1,000s more Anishinabe soldiers from Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota to reinforce Anishinabe soldiers already stationed in North Dakota, who were defending Missouri River, which was being used by white invaders to invade western North Dakota and Montana.

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