Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April 23, 1859 Battle of Deception

With a series of defeats being inflicted on them, the Americans tried a different approach in this the Mohave War. Lieutenant Colonel Hoffman requested from the United States War Department, for an additional 600 soldiers, which was approved. On April 19, 1859, Lieutenant Colonel Hoffman and over 600 American soldiers, reached Beale's Crossing and established a camp nearby. A few days later (April 23, 1859), Colonel Hoffman paid a visit to Anishinabe ogimak, at some of their nearby villages, to hold peace negotiations with them. While Colonel Hoffman was holding negotiations with several important Anishinabe ogimak, he used an American tactic of old and abducted the important Anishinabe ogimak. All 9 important Anishinabe ogimak were taken to Fort Yuma and imprisoned. Now the Anishinabe people had to put the welfare of Government first.

While their Governments important ogimak (leaders) were imprisoned, other Anishinabe ogimak refused to send their soldiers out to war upon the nearby whites. They first had to attempt to negotiate with the white American terrorists before they could actually war upon the invading whites. That they did. It did not work out so they planned to attempt to rescue their Governments priniciple ogimak. The rescue attempt occurred in late June of 1859. While the rescue attempt occurred, 2 were killed. However, 3 actually made it back to their villages and agreed with the other Anishinabe ogimak that they should send their soldiers out to war upon the invading whites. A force of Anishinabe soldiers attacked the American camp near Beale's Crossing (historians claim they attacked a mail station), which resulted in the Americans launching raids on the Anishinabe villages in the region.

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