The June 1866 Battle of Diamond Fork

After the Battle of Thistle Valley, Anishinabe Soldiers continued on through the Spanish Fork Canyon but split up into groups. One reason they enterred through Spanish Fork Canyon, was to search for a white man named William Berry. They wanted him killed for actions he committed years earlier. They killed him and stole some 40 head of cattle and horses, which led to the white militia attempting to recapture the stolen livestock. The white militia caught up to the Anishinabe Soldiers who had stolen the livestock and were obviously being slowed down by the livestock, at the Diamond Fork River. A battle followed which was dominated by the Anishinabe Soldiers who were more numerous. Out of desperation, a group of 8 white militiamen rushed the Anishinabe Soldiers but were driven off with three of them killed. Afterwards, the Anishinabe Soldiers departed the battle, leaving the livestock to the white militia. By the end of this battle, the white settlers living in Utah had wisely listened to Brigham Young, and left their homes and relocated to the newly constructed forts. Some of them were really fortified white towns. The Anishinabe war in Utah, achieved not much but it made it clear to the whites, that Utah was their home. As for how many Indians and whites were killed in this Utah conflict, i do not know as of yet. However, the whites had the superior weapons which obviously means the Anishinabe casualties were higher than that of the whites. The whites had to continously guard their livestock and confine themselves to the fortified settlements, until the conflict officially ended in 1872.