October 17, 1813 Battle of El Roble

This battle is considered by historians to have been a part of the Chilean War of Independence but was just another battle fought between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. This battle was an extension of the Anishinabe military plans for attempting to capture the city of Chillan. From spies, whites in Chillan, learned about an action to be carried out by the Anishinabe Army trying to capture Chillan. In response to the Anishinabe Army's movements, the white soldiers numbering over 1,200, launched a surprise attack on the Anishinabe Soldiers numbering over 800, which resulted in them fleeing from the surprise attack. However, one small group of brave Anishinabe Soldiers kept their composure then launched a counter offensive which drove the white soldiers attacking them from their positions. The Anishinabe victory lifed the spirits of Anishinabe ogimak who were trying to gain control of extreme western South America, from the Andes Mountains. Anishinabe casualties were 30 killed and wounded. White casualties were more than 80 killed and wounded.