Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

March 6, 1820 Battle of El Toro

It is also another battle considered by historians to have been another battle of the so called Chilean War of Independence but was really just another battle in the war between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. This, the Battle of El Toro, was fought near Maullin, Chile and was won by the Anishinabek. Main goal of the Anishinabe Army was to rid their country of the unwanted white invaders who wanted to exterminate them. A force of 140 Anishinabe soldiers was assembled to attempt to capture the white fortification known as Fort Carelmapu. However, the few remaining white soldiers there were ordered to strike north at the Anishinabe soldiers stationed there. While enroute to the north, the white soldiers numbering some 300, discovered the force of 50 Anishinabe soldiers marching towards Fort Carelmapu, then ambushed them.

Anishinabe soldiers put up a good fight for an hour or so but they then commenced a retreat from the battle they were losing. However, back at their own fort, sounds of the battle had been heard and Anishinabe reinforcements numbering about 90, left to join the battle. After the new Anishinabe reinforcements arrived, they took over the battle from the retreating Anishinabe soldiers. The white soldiers then attacked the new Anishinabe reinforcements and did good for a short while. During some point in the battle, the white soldiers commenced to thinking the size of the new Anishinabe reinforcements was to great to continue the battle so they halted their firing. However, Anishinabe commanders took advantage of the situation then ordered their brave soldiers to launch a direct frontal assault. It drove the white soldiers away in defeat. Anishinabe casualties were 11 killed and 29 wounded. White casualties were 40 killed, an unknown number wounded, and 106 captured.

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