The Battle of Fort Anne July 8, 1777

More fighting took place in the Lake Champlain region of New York State on July 8, 1777, as the English intensified their military campaign to regain control of this region from the Anishinabek. The battle at Fort Anne involved only small forces. A total of 740 white soldiers battled a force of Anishinabe Soldiers at Fort Anne on July 8, 1777, after arriving to the fortification. Upon their arrival, the English commander decided to wait for an anticipated arrival of more English reinforcements, because he believed his force to be outnumbered. He should have withdrew from the forts region, because the Anishinabek commenced to attack his military force after learning of their arrival. For a good two hours the battle was fought out but once the Indians learned that new white reinforcements had arrived, they turned their attentions on Fort Anne itself then burned down the stockade. A total of 88 white casualties occurred at the battle at Fort Anne. It was probably considered by the Anishinabek, as a victory because they likely did not have any major uses for white fortifications, unless they were supplied with food and weapons.