Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Fort Bowyer February 11, 1815

This battle was fought at where Mobile, Alabama is located, which is close to 150 miles to the northeast of New Orleans. Over 1,700 white soldiers were stationed at the fort when the battle was fought. A large number of brave soldiers from the Southern Anishinabe Confederation, launched their assault on the white fort on February 11, 1815, by using their recently captured cannons and howitzers, to bombard the fort. It didnít take long to end the battle. After assaulting the white fortification for a short spell, the Indians demanded that the white soldiers in the fort surrender which they agreed to. Around 55 white soldiers were killed in the battle and the rest captured. They were probably killed later on or enslaved by the prophesy weary Anishinabek. After the battle the migration into Mexico commenced. The Anishinabe military had forced the United States to allow the migration to begin to Mexico with their heroric stance at New Oreleans and their victory at Fort Bowyer.

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