The February 17, 1865 Battle of Fort Buchanan

A force of 75 Anishinabe Soldiers attacked Fort Buchanan, which was located in southern Arizona, on February 17, 1865. This battle is reminiscent of the many battles Anishinabe Soldiers fought against the invading whites, along the east coast of North America. According to historical records only 9 American soldiers were stationed at Fort Buchanan when the Anishinabe Soldiers launched their assault on February 17, 1865. With so few soldiers to defend Fort Buchanan, the American Soldiers stationed at Fort Buchanan, really had no choice but to retreat from the heavy Anishinabe assault. They forced their way through Anishinabe Soldiers who were positioned across the fort which was, according to historians, not walled, then managed to flee to the nearby Santa Rita Hills. After driving off the white soldiers, Anishinabe Soldiers destroyed the unwanted fort. Anishinabe casualties were 2 killed and an unknown number wounded. American casualties were 1 killed and 1 wounded, and 3 civilians killed as well.