Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of Fort Meigs April 28, 1813 - May 9, 1813

This War of 1812 battle was one which the United States only wanted to forget. American reinforcements had arrived to the Fort Meigs vicinity, but before entering the American fort, around 850 of them were given orders to destroy the cannons the Anishinabe soldiers were using on their fort. The Americans successfully destroyed the Anishinabe cannons, but they made a military blunder which ruined the lives of countless American soldiers. Instead of going to the safety of Fort Meigs, the Americans who thought they were winning, commenced to follow the retreating Anishinabe soldiers. What followed was truly regrettable, because the over 800 American soldiers eventually faced a large contingent of soldiers from the Three Fires Confederation who would tear them to pieces. When it was over 627 American casualties occurred, with 377 being killed during the battles, and after their surrender. Even at this time, the Anishinabe military was laying out beating after beating.

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