Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Fort Prospect Bluff July 1816

This battle occurred at a supposedly English built fort in Florida, which was named the Negro Fort because supposedly the black allies of the Southern Anishinabe Confederation, occupied the fort after the whites just up and left. In July of 1816, a large force of brave soldiers from the Southern Anishinabe Confederation, including their black allies, reached the region where the whites had just built the fort known historically as the Negro Fort, but should be known as Fort Prospect Bluff. They commenced to bombard the white soldiers stationed within the new fort but little damage was inflicted. During some point after initiating their assault on the white fort, Anishinabe military commanders instructed their soldiers to heat cannonballs until they glowed red hot (they referred to them as hot shots then), then shot them directly into the fort where at least one landed directly on the forts powder magazine. What occurred next was heard over 100 miles away in Pensacola, destroyed the new fort, and killed 300 or more of the white soldiers stationed there. After hearing about their new forts destruction, those white soldiers still stationed in Florida, left Florida.

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