Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The May 14, 1880 Battle of Fort Tularosa

Ogima Victorio once again went on the offensive soon after the Alma Massacre. This time ogima Victorio led his brave Anishinabe soldiers to launch an attack on Fort Tularosa, which was in what is now Catron County, New Mexico. Unfortunately, the Anishinabe soldiers had to fight the Buffalo Soldiers (black soldiers), some of whom may have been their allies. The Americans knew that many of the blacks were once a part of the Anishinabe Army in the Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas region. In fear that Anishinabe soldiers were to launch raids on white settlers and even Fort Tularosa, the Americans sent a small force of Buffalo Soldiers numbering 25, to Fort Tularosa. After they reached the fort, they commenced to strengthen it and build yet another. Meanwhile, the Anishinabe soldiers possibly leading another diaspora to the north of Mexico, from the Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas region, were busy killing as many white settlers around the immediate vicinity of the fort as they could. On the 14th of May 1880, ogima Victorio ordered his soldiers to launch an assault on Fort Tulrosa.

After news of the attack was learned of by the white citizens who lived next to the fort, they immediately fled to the fort for protection. Once the brave Anishinabe soldiers reached the fort, they sent a volley of arrows into the fort but it caused little damage. It is obvious that Anishinabe soldiers were not very well armed. THe Americans had the superior weapons of course, and they eventually drove off Victorio's brave soldiers. THis battle is reminiscent of the many battles Anishinabe soldiers fought against the whites in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. The Americans suffered no casualties. Anishinabe casualties were several killed and wounded.

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