Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

August 3-9, 1757 Siege of Fort William Henry

This battle occurred between August 3 and 9 of July 1757, during 7 Years War or French and Indian War yet should be known as Pontiac's War. Location of Battle of Fort William Henry was Lake George, which was once an extension of Lake Champlain. Adirondack Mountains surround Lake George and was territory belonging to Ojibways during those times. Siege of Fort William Henry was a part of Pontiac's War. A list of Battles of Pontiac's War is below. It's location was strategically important to Ojibways and their white enemies. Ojibway Soldiers and their allies, forced an estimated 9,000 English and French Soldiers stationed at Fort William Henry, to capitulate, after a siege lasting nearly a week. At first, Ojibway Soldiers surrounded Fort William Henry to prevent supplies from reaching that fort and from larger numbers of white soldiers and their Indian allies, from reinforcing that fort. Indian allies of whites numbered around 1,800 so total number of English, French and their Indian allies was near 11,000. Ojibways Soldiers possibly numbered between 5,000 and 10,000 during Siege of Fort William Henry which was one of this wars more important battles. Ojibway Soldiers cut off supplies and reinforcements from reaching Fort William Henry both by land and lake. Large numbers of Ojibway canoes patrolled Lake George for white vessels to destroy. Ojibway Soldiers commenced to assault Fort William Henry on Wednesday August 3, 1757. They used their ancient bows and arrows and gun powder to bombard certain parts of that unwanted fort. Ojibway military commanders repeatedly warned whites in Fort William Henry they would all be killed if they continued to resist surrender. On Tuesday August 9, 1757, white military leaders agreed to surrender. Afterwards, Ojibway Soldiers killed and enslaved anywhere from 300 to 1,500 English captives. Later, Ojibways sold their white captives back to their white enemies. Most whites were allowed to leave Fort William Henry after it's commanders surrendered.

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