The Battle of Fowltown November 21-22, 1817

This battle was fought at the Mikasuki village of Fowltown, which was located in southwestern Georgia, about 15 miles east of Fort Scott. The Mikasuki were obviously a part of the Southern Anishinabe Confederation during that time period. In 1817, a Mikasuki leader got into a dispute with the commander of nearby Fort Scott over land the Creeks supposedly ceded to the whites. In response to Chief Neamathla’s stubborn refusal to obey a treaty made between the Creeks and the whites, a small white military force of some 250 soldiers was ordered to arrest the Mikasuki leader. On November 21, 1817, the Mikasuki defended their leader very well from the force of white soldiers attempting to apprehend the courageous leader. On the next day, November 22, 1817, the small force of white soldiers succeeded in driving the Mikasuki from their village. They probably fled to the nearby Anishinabek in Florida.