Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Apocalypse

Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes. What's this about? It's about white leaders proving to Native Americans, that they are not their brothers and sisters. White leaders are enraged. I recently made a video titled Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased the hate and rage of them whites. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want catastrophes to happen. Non white leaders throughout the world must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.

The Battle of Germantown October 4, 1777

A couple of weeks after the English defeated the small force of brave Anishinabe soldiers near Malvern, Pennsylvania, there would be another battle but a major one this time, near Germantown, Pennsylvania. A force of 21,000 white soldiers gave battle to a much smaller force of brave Anishinabe soldiers there. The English victory at this battle is the one that probably brought the Philadelphia region back under white control. The battle was largely fought while a thick fog covered the battleground during the battle. With their superior weapons and superior number of soldiers, the large white military force, eventually overpowered the much smaller Anishinabe military force, forcing many of them to flee from the battle. Many brave Anishinabe soldiers were captured then probably killed later on. White casualties were 222 killed and 950 wounded. The victory brought the Philadelphia region back under white control, but the Anishinabek were still in the region and very willing to continue the war to defend their land. Throughout the Philadelphia region, were many small white towns and villages that had been destroyed early on in the conflict, with a great many white settlers killed and fleeing to the larger nearby cities, such as Philadelphia, seeking protection.

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