The June 1866 Battle of Gravelly Ford

After news of the filthy white Mormons use of treachery reached the main group of Anishinabek, the whites knew the war may intensify. A force of 125 militiamen was sent from Salt Lake, to the war scene, to reinforce those filthy Mormon militia already at the war scene. A force of over 100 Anishinabe Soldiers forced their way into the Scipio region and stole over 350 cattle and 75 horses, and killed a 14 year old white boy and a man named James Ivie, who the Anishinabe Soldiers shot full of arrows. It is obvious evidence that Anishinabe Soldiers were still using bows and arrows to fight their white enemy. Not much came from this small battle but the capture of several hundred cattle and horses, and the murders of several whites, and two Indians being wounded.