Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Great Bridge November 1775

On the run from the enraged southern Anishinabek, Lord Dunmore and his military force of 1,270 English soldiers, commenced to attempt to reach the Great Bridge which spanned the Elizabeth river, to get the remaining gunpowder away from the approaching Anishinabe soldiers. Once they reached the Great Bridge, the large military force of English soldiers were soon to learn that the southern Anishinabek had reached the bridge at about the same time. It took the southern Anishinabek less than 30 minutes to defeat the large force of English soldiers, who had no choice but to flee to other areas, particularly Norfolk. White casualties at this battle were 103 killed or wounded. The southern Anishinabek very likely captured large supplies of gunpowder at this battle.

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