Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

June 20, 1811 Battle of Huaqui

According to historians this battle was a part of the so called Alto Peru Campaign. It was really a part of the war between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation for control of South America. Anishinabe soldiers continued their advance towards the north and west, to liberate more Indian settlements from white subjugation, after the Battle of Suipacha. Nearly 5,000 white soldiers were raised to attempt to halt the Anishinabe Army from liberating more Indian settlements in Upper Peru (Bolivia and Peru), while the Anishinabe Army numbered at least 5,000 strong, with another 13,000 soldiers from their Indian allies. This battle was fought near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, not very far from La Paz. Soldiers from the white confederation were stationed to the west near the Pacific Ocean and probably included some Indian allies of the whites. Though the army of the white confederation was outnumbered, they won this battle.

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