Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Johnstown October 25, 1781

Back in the New York State region (about 40 miles to the northwest of Albany), the whites again went on the military offensive against the brave Anishinabe soldiers, in late October of 1781. Their goal was to end the conflict. They possibly came down once again from the Montreal region. Their military plans were to carry out raids on the Indian population of that region, to destroy their weapons and food supplies, but they got more than they bargained for. The white military force of some 1,400 white soldiers, reached their planned destination then commenced to carry out raids, but they were soon confronted by a large group of brave Anishinabe soldiers, who initiated an attack on their large force. Unable to dominate the Indian military force assaulting them, they then agreed for a retreat to the north, probably back to Canada. In the battle, 23 whites were killed and 24 wounded. Another 37 were captured and probably killed later on by the retaliating thinking Anishinabek. No longer would the northern Anishinabek send their brave soldiers to the white settlements located along the northern Atlantic coastline. Instead, the brave northern Anishinabek commenced to focus their war attention on the whites sending white military forces to their country to wage war on them. For almost 7 years the brave northern Anishinabek, had waged a war against a people who had the fineness modern day weapons of war, who were far more numerous, and who also had used GERM WARFARE on them, using mostly the primitive weapons their ancestors had used, and the weapons they captured from their evil white enemies, and guns they made on their own. At the time Anishinabe ogimak were content to allow their brave soldiers to battle the whites using mainly their primitive weapons. They knew the one shot musket guns were very slow and that allowed their brave soldiers the opportunity to better fight the whites. They killed and wounded 10,000s of northern whites, destroyed countless white towns and villages, and the farms and ranches the whites used to feed themselves. The brave Anishinabek also suffered 10,000s of casualties.

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