Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

August 26, 1814 Battle of Las Tres Acequias

Yet another battle considered by historians to have been a battle of the so called Chilean War of Independence but was really just another battle between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. An Anishinabe military commander who had been held captive by the whites at Chillan, had somehow managed to escape from bondage to rejoin with the main Anishinabe Army. He seized power. At the time Anishinabe soldiers were not doing so well against the whites who lived along the western coast in South America. Yet the whites were not doing so well also. As a result of the disagreements within the Anishinabe Army a short civil war followed. It was likely directly related to a treaty signed which favored more so the welfare of the white invaders than the Indians. In the battle that followed, the defiant Anishinabe military commander who seized control of the Anishinabe Army, led his Anishinabe soldiers to victory. This battle has much suspicion emanating from it. It will be up to future historians to learn the exact facts about this battle. They will have the better tools.

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