Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Longwoods March 4, 1814

This battle was fought near where present day Wardsville, Ontario is located. The white soldiers who participated at this battle were a part of William Henry Harrison’s force who had fought the brave soldiers from the Three Fires Confederation, in Ohio and Michigan. Before they won the Battle of the Thames, the 8,000 white soldiers under Harrison’s command had recaptured Fort Detroit and Fort Malden, which was just south of Fort Detroit. A force of 480 white soldiers had left Fort Malden on February 21, 1814, to march towards the region (Delaware, Ontario) between far western Lake Ontario and Fort Malden, which was still Anishinabe country, to carry out a military expedition against Anishinabe soldiers congregated there. They knew from scouts that the Anishinabek were preparing for future military offensives in that region. The Anishinabek had to deal with the white soldiers advancing into their kingdom from the Michigan and Ohio region, and the New York and Quebec region. In the battle that was fought on March 4, 1814, the white soldiers defeated the force of brave Anishinabe soldiers after about two hours of fighting. Though the small force of white soldiers had won, they did not carry out their orders to destroy the Indian military camp near where Delaware, Ontario is situated. They eventually learned that there were far too many Anishinabe soldiers in that region. White casualties in the battle were 18 killed and 55 wounded.

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