Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The July 7, 1882 Battle of McMillenville

It was Geronimo who led a force of Anishinabe soldiers in this battle against their American enemy. Picking up on Victorio's diasporas to the north of Mexico, Geronimo gathered 100s of Anishinabe people from eastern Arizona and New Mexico, and led them down to the north of Mexico. Again the United States wanted to stop the constant Anishinabe diasporas to Mexico. Anishinabe people from as far away as western Texas were participating in the diasporas. On July 7, 1882, a force of Anishinabe soldiers met and battled a force of American soldiers who were attempting to stop the diasporas. White historians claim the Anishinabe people were just out raiding white settlers for a good time. That is not the truth. As the Anishinabe people were going to the north of Mexico, they came across the white Arizona town of McMillenville and attacked it. The whites knew Anishinabe soldiers were going to attack their town and made preparation to defend themselves. Not much really occurred at the Battle of McMillenville, other than 1 white casualty and probably a few Anishinabe casualties. After some soldiers from nearby Fort Apache arrived, Anishinabe soldiers ended their assault and commenced going to Nexico.

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