Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

April 1, 1824 Battle of Mocopulli

Considered by historians to have been a battle of the Chilean War of Independence, the Battle of Mocopulli was just another battle between the Anishinabe Army and the army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. This battle was won by the white confederation and delayed the eventual Anishinabe conquest of the Chiloe region of Chile, for nearly two years. Anishinabe soldiers planned for an invasion into the Chiloe region in 1824 and actually occupied a village in the Chiloe region without facing opposition. They then headed to the town of Dalcahue to continue on with their military campaign. They were ambushed by the whites before they could actually initiate the battle and were driven off the island. Anishinabe casualties were 300 killed and wounded. White casualties were 150 killed and wounded.

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